Functional engineered art

Kadhalika lamps

Glow series

The Kadhalika lamps "Glow series" are a great fusion between engineering and art. The process involved sketching and designing the pieces on paper then using computer aided design to visually bring out every aspect of what the lamps should look like (piece by piece). Afterwords a couple of power tools and laser cutters were used to bring life to every single piece. The final process involved manually finishing and assembling the pieces together thus bringing out this amazing work of art to life.

The pieces are made using iron rods, bolts, perspex and finally stained wood to give them that final touch. The lamps comprises of 4 unique pieces that form a sequentical series of one to four panel lamps.

A huge thanks to Barre Yassin a brilliant design engineer for bringing out the art using 3D CAD and digital fabrication.

The Kadhalika lamps have been featured in an art show by "THE ART SPACE" in Nairobi, Kenya. The show was called "GRAPHIC OVERTURES" and it ran on 20th August 2016 – 3rd September 2016.

You can view more of the pieces on page 8 – 9 on the link below.